We got to go to our doctor’s appointment with our daughter the other week to see the baby for the first time on ultrasound. We got to see the baby move its little arms and legs and my daughter had the biggest grin on her face. We got to listen to the babies heartbeat and our daughter Naomi said that it sounded like a train. It was so nice to be able to share this experience with her and that the staff at the birth center wants to include her in the process of getting to know her sibling before they get here. 

Feelings of being broken.

Well as all of you know I’m expecting baby number two October of this year and I have a daughter named Naomi that will be 3 October 1st. When I found out I was pregnant I was like any mom to be I was excited but at the same time scared. When I had Naomi the birth I ended up with wasn’t the one that I had planned or wanted. I ended up only laboring for 12 hrs before the doctor got tired of waiting and duped me into a c-section. I had issues and still do with the birth of Naomi. But with the start of this pregnancy I get a second chance to try to have the birth I had envisioned an to change my view of my body. Lots of people don’t understand that thought c-sections are great when needed they can leave a woman feeling robbed and broken that they couldn’t birth the way they were intended to. I had a lot of people tell me that all that mattered was a healthy baby and that does matter but how I felt about myself mattered too. As I approach 7 weeks pregnant I am looking forward to my first visit with the birth center and my first visit in a few more weeks with my doula and seeing my baby on the ultrasound. I think that even when this class is over I will continue this blog as a way to express my feelings and my journey to my Vaginal Birth After C-section or VBAC. I hope that this turns into something not only for a grade but something that will help show other woman that with the right support anything is possible. And to think this all started 2 years and 4 months ago with a beautiful little girl coming into the world. Image  


My name is Tiffany a little about me to start I’m 21 will be 22 in March. I am a mommy of a 2 year old named Naomi who was born October 1st 2010 an she is my world. I married my middle school sweetheart and we will be married 4 years June 20th his name is Brandan. As you can see from my blog title I am expecting again and my estimated due date is October 7th, 2013. I love working with children and I will be working towards my associates degree this year. I love to read mostly romance or romance mystery books. I enjoy spending time with my daughter and husband and we like to go camping and to go play in the creek near our house. I am looking forward to being a mommy again come October though I didn’t really plan for both children to be born in October.